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Creating A New Meal Plan Inside of iNutrition Pro

One of the main differentiators between iNutrition Pro and everyone else is the use of Nutrition Systems and Nutrient Timing within the meal plans.

Bottom line:

It's highly important to use a specific nutrition system or strategy with each client.

One of the main reasons for using a specific nutrition system or strategy and to incorporate nutrient timing is because every client has different circumstances, physiologies, psychological tendencies and food preferences (to name a few).

It's simple…

If a diet plan suits a client's needs then they are much more likely to stick with it, which will give them better results in the long run.

Once you select a template, you’ll need to enter in your client's specific data such as their lean body mass, activity level, and target daily energy intake…

so that it automatically calculates all their food portions.

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