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The iNutrition Pro software gives you EVERYTHING you need to create fully customized diets plans in minutes...


Contains over 200 nutrition templates and over 65 food menus.


Allows complete macronutrient customization and the ability to create your own nutrition templates and food menus.


Contains over 15,000 foods with country specific food databases and over 15,000 branded supplements.


Allows daily micronutrient tracking from food and supplements.


Gives clients the ability to select their own foods and automatically adjusts portions to fit their macros.


Includes client screening and tracking tools, online tutorials, mobile compatibility, and access to our private members forum.


See for yourself what world renowned strength coach Charles Poliquin and some of our clients have to say about how iNutrition Pro can help personal trainers and other health professionals gain an unfair advantage in their business.

"I've been using iNutrition Pro for a number of years now after I was given the heads up about it's creation by my good friend and coach Stefan Ianev. Originally, it was an handy and a very easy piece of software to use. Since then it's grown and evolved into not only a cutting edge resource, but the education portal attached to it is second to none. Going forward from 2017, all of our Atlas Performance student will be directed to invest and engage in this software simple because it does one thing better than anything else... it gets results.

Essentially, a very large portion of the results we get with our clients, athletes and students can be stemmed right back to iNutrition Pro. I know with Stefan leading the charge, this product is only going to become even more of a power house."

Seán Connolly

"As a fitness coach and director of my company, I spend countless hours preparing programs for clients individual needs. iNutritionPro has not only allowed me to streamline and systemise my processes, but keep accurate records, see how active my clients are in checking their meal plans whilst allowing them to select their own foods. 

iNutrition Pro keeps track of macro and micro nutrients for me, keeps my clients happy with their meal selection and cuts down hours of work at the desk that are needed elsewhere."

Ari Patronis

"I always understood food; I knew what was good what was not, I knew about macros and calories….well I thought I did. When I attended the iNutrition Pro workshop back in 2016 I never expected such a life changer and I mean it. With the help of the I-nutrition system I have been able to help countless people take control of their health, cut medications, achieve their dream bodies. I’m yet to find anything that rivals the accuracy and simplicity it brings. It’s perfect for all walks of life, mums and dads, students, competitive athletes Cross-fit, Track Runners, Gym Rats etc) but I’m using the software on myself to head into national comps. If you don’t have I-nutrition backing your moves then you better get a move on and catch up."

Navid Alaee

Practical Performance

iNutritionPro has allowed me to take my business to the next level, it has provided my clients with the means to stay on track with their nutrition. Designing nutritional plans has become a simple process that has allowed me to focus on other areas of my business. The software looks very sleek and user friendly, the database of food options is well laid out.



Since rolling iNutrition Pro out into our business, we have without a doubt saved precious time and money! This software pretty much does all the work for you. It is clear that the masterminds behind it have put a lot of thought, time and effort into its creation. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to be at the top of their game in the industry! 



As a busy coach time is so valuable. Any tool that helps to save time is a welcomed asset. iNutritionPro makes things much easier and quicker than any other system or method I’ve tried. The layout and function of the software is brilliant and clients love it. I don’t know how I’d manage without it!



The iNutiritonPro software has totally changed our business!! It has given our it a point of difference and given my partner Melody and I the tools and understanding needed to get results for our clients.




Whether you are just starting out and you are fighting an uphill battle to build your business, or you are a well established health professional pressed for time, we have the right plan to suit your needs. For company accounts please email


$16.00 USD/m

Single User


$67.00 USD/m

Up to 25 Clients


$83.00 USD/m

Up to 50 Clients


$99.00 USD/m

Up to 100 Clients


Here are some of the most common questions we get a lot...

How do I access the software?

Both clients and coaches can access the software through our website on their computer or phone.

How do I upgrade my subscription?

You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription online at any time.

Are there any restrictions with the type of diet plans I can create?

No, you can create any diet plan you can think of within minutes. Everything is fully customizable.

Is there a minimum term commitment?

No, it is a month to month subscription and you can cancel at any time with no cancellation fees.

Can I add my own logo to the software?

Yes, you can add your own logo to the software and also customize the color theme to match your branding.

Can I add my own foods and supplements to the software?

If you want any foods or supplements added in you can contact us and request them.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your account online. You do not need to speak with anyone.

How long does it take to learn to use the software?

It takes approximately 30 minutes. We have tutorials that walk you through the process.

If I have any questions is there someone I can speak to?

Yes, you can ask us any questions in the members forum or contact our support team at

Questions? Email

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