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iNutrition Pro is the new all-in-one meal plan builder. Building fully customized meal plans, assuring better client results.

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Eliminating Meal Planning Confusion

Take the confusion out of meal planning for your clients. Gone are the days of giving your clients generalized meal plans, and hoping they select the right food containing the right macros, all at the right times so that your clients get the absolute best results

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Daily Nutrient Tracker

With the average diet being highly nutrient deficient, we set out to have people become aware. iNutrition Pro allows you and your client to track both macro and micro-nutrient intakes through the Daily Nutrient Tracker. Every food, supplement, and beverage in the software contains the full spectrum of macro and micro-nutrient values which helps you (the coach) and your client select the appropriate foods and supplements to insure your clients meet both their daily macro and micro nutrient requirements.

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Massive Food & Supplement Database

iNutrition Pro lets you select from over 480,000 foods, beverages and branded supplements across various national food databases around the world. When you select different foods the portion sizes will automatically be adjusted to fit the macros for that meal. If a particular food doesn’t fit the within the macros for a given meal the software will notify you.

Fully Customized
Meal Plans

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The Some meal planning software products allow the coach to select from several pre-designed meal plan templates. Usually those templates contain fixed calories, macros, meal times and food options, and the coach still has to workout the clients energy requirements and macronutrient ratios, and search for the template that most closely matches what they are after. You’ll have the ability to create your own nutrition templates and food menus for your clients

Not Your Typical Food Log Tracker

Not Your Typical
Food Log Tracker

Provides variety in food selection. Gives clients the ability to select their own foods and automatically adjusts portion sizes to fit your clients macros.

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Client Coaching & Tracking

iNutrition Pro contains a comprehensive client pre-screening questionnaire, food log analyzer, metabolic typing questionnaire, neurotransmitter profile assessment, body fat and skinfold tracker, and a weekly client biofeedback tracker. All this so that you can kick-start your clients off right and keep your them on track!

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Comprehensive Client Screening & Tracking

With iNutrition Pro, the coach can instantly send out any online coaching form when they create a new client account. When the client fills out the form, all the client's data will be saved in one secure location, which can be edited at any time.

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Nutrition Mastery Class + Certification

Nutrition Program Design Mastery Class & Certification

With 7 core modules and 44 video lessons packed with cutting-edge diet programming research, you'll be able to provide your clients with tailored nutritional solutions. The Nutrition Program Design Mastery Class & Certification is among the most in-demand certification offered industry-wide to health & fitness pro's and also to those who offer nutritional guidance and advice to others.

Dietary Insurance Coverage

The Future of Nutritional Advice For Personal Trainers

Given the consumer-driven nature of certain industries, we believe that being proactive with ongoing education and certification as well as offering affordable and comprehensive additional cover, will help exercise and sport professionals protect their businesses.

World-class Support

iNutrition Pro users always have instant access to our support team. Through live chat and the iNutrition Pro private group of hundreds of other fitness professionals, we're here to walk with you every step of the journey. You’ll never feel alone when using iNutrition Pro.

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iNutrition Pro has a ton of powerful features. And the list is growing.

  • Over 380+ Nutrition Templates
  • Over 100 Pre-Made Meal Menus
  • Complete Macronutrient Customization
  • Create Your Own Nutrition Templates & Menus - Over 430,000+ Foods
  • Country Specific Food Databases
  • Over 56,000+ Branded Supplements
  • Daily Micronutrient Tracking
  • Food Portions Automatically Adjusted To Fit Macros
  • Gives Clients Structure & Flexibility
  • Pre-Screening Forms
  • Food Log Analyzer
  • Skinfold Tracking
  • Client Compliance
  • Biofeedback Tracking
  • Request New Foods Or Supplements
  • Live Chat Support
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