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Course Overview

Exercise and sport professionals are not insured to prescribe specific dietary plans for individuals presenting with any medical conditions. Once a client is found to be at risk of a cardio-metabolic condition or has a known medical condition, they are instructed to see a dietitian if they require a diet plan or dietary advice.

However, in cases where a client is risk stratified as being apparently healthy, exercise and sport professionals have the opportunity to provide their client with general dietary advice to assist with their training goals.

Findings from the latest research show that structured dietary interventions have a much higher success rate than general dietary guidelines for altering body composition.

This professional development opportunity provides the latest evidenced-based and practical nutritional guidelines for personal trainers, exercise physiologists and sport scientists for healthy populations with weight loss and body composition goals. 

The content covered will provide exercise and sport professionals with the skills and knowledge to design safe and effective diet plans for healthy adults. As such, allowing them to prescribe less generalized diet plans for healthy clients to assist with their exercise goals.

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction


  • How obesity affects health
  • Pathophysiology that leads towards adverse health effects due to increased body fat
  • Findings from the latest research on the effectiveness of weight loss interventions
  • Factors that may negate the effectiveness of an exercise intervention targeting weightloss
  • Effect of physical activity and fitness on health

Module 2: Initial Consultation


  • The components of an initial consultation
  • How to create a professional impression
  • Pre-screening of clients
  • Options for assessing body composition
  • Ways to assist clients changing their behaviour
  • Goal setting and diet adherence

Module 3: Energy Balance


  • How energy balance affects body weight
  • Components of energy intake
  • Components of energy expenditure
  • Factors affecting resting energy expenditure
  • How to calculate resting energy expenditure
  • Factors affecting non resting energy expenditure
  • How to calculate non resting energy expenditure
  • How to calculate total daily energy expenditure
  • How to determine the appropriate energy intake based on a client’s goal

Module 4: Macronutrients


  • How to determine net protein balance
  • How protein type, quantity and timing affect net protein balance
  • Daily protein requirements and distribution
  • Carbohydrate requirements at rest and during exercise 
  • Carbohydrate timing and distribution
  • Factors affecting carbohydrate intake
  • The role and function of different types of fats
  • Daily fat requirements
  • The effects of alcohol on health and body composition
  • Hydration guidelines at rest and during exercise  

Module 5: Nutrition Systems


  • Understanding average daily nutrient requirements
  • Factors to consider when individualizing dietary prescription
  • Understanding the pros and cons of the most popular diets on the market
  • Understanding how to set up a diet plan based on the client’s needs 

Module 6: Supplementation


  • Understanding micronutrient reference ranges
  • Knowing the risks associated with low or excess micronutrient intake
  • Understanding the purpose of general supplementation
  • Becoming familiar with the research evidence on which supplements have been shown to improve performance

Module 7: Nutrition Periodization


  • Understanding negative metabolic adaptations that occur in response to chronic under overfeeding
  • Becoming familiar with various micro-cyclical dietary models that can offset negative metabolic adaptations
  • Becoming familiar with various macro-cyclic dietary models that can reverse negative metabolic adaptation  

Module 8: Using iNutrition Pro


  • Selecting the appropriate nutrition template
  • Setting the appropriate energy intake
  • Fine tuning the macronutrient ratio  
  • Selecting foods and supplements to meet micronutrient requirements


Dr Daniel Hackett

BExSc, MHSc (ExSpSc) (Hons), PhD (Ex Phys), ESSAM AEP

Dr Daniel Hackett is an accredited exercise physiologist as well as a Lecturer at The University of Sydney in the Bachelor of Exercise Physiology. He is also an international researcher in exercise physiology and sports performance with over 30 peer-reviewed publications. As such, he has experienced and received feedback from students about the issues related to confidence with providing dietary advice for clients/patients that are apparently healthy. 

Stefan Ianev

DipFit, BAppSc (ExSpSc), MHSc (ExSpSc) 

Stefan Ianev is the founder of iNutrition Pro and a globally recognized trainer and educator. He has over 15 years industry experience and has worked with hundreds of clients all the way up to international level physique competitors, and lectured to over 1000 fitness professionals in over 10 cities across the globe. Stefan has also been mentored directly by some of the top names in the fitness industry such as Charles Poliquin, and has won numerous titles in natural bodybuilding.


"I first came across Stefan after listening to a podcast he was on and remember thinking “this guy knows his stuff”. After inquiring further and speaking with him, he informed me he has a nutrition course on-line factoring in what he taught at Clean Health Institute. Given I had already heard him speak I knew this would be a valuable course to do.

I enrolled almost immediately and was so glad I did. The course is set out with easy to follow video clips, and broken down into a number of key subjects. The content is like no other nutrition course I have encountered all supported by evidence, which are quoted. 

The level of detail was simply unbelievable – so much so a friend of mine who has completed a degree in nutrition now comes to me for advice on nutrition for body composition.

The INutrition Pro software makes planning and putting together a diet plan a breeze. The numerous templates are a great tool to have depending on your client and everything is then calculated for you. Once you become familiar with it, it takes a matter of minutes to put together a plan. 

I highly recommend both the course and the INutrition Pro software – great course content with no more messy Excel spreadsheets."

Brett Morris

All Body Transformations

"I cannot thank Stefan enough, not only for what he has done for me on a personal level, to help me achieve my goals, that at times seemed unachievable but for the guidance and advice he has given me to grow as a personal trainer and by the amount of time he put into help me complete the iNutrition Pro online course.

By completing the online course, I have been able to increase my business revenue by 30%. My clients are all so excited about new service I can offer and I’m sure they will start to see even bigger results now the guess work is gone from their diets.

I am so grateful that I crossed paths with Stefan and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone, whether they be starting out or already well on their way to kicking their goals, and if you aren’t using iNutrition Pro for your clients, you need to be!

Thank you Stefan, on both a professional and a personal level I would not be where I am today without you.

Laura Fulwood

Perfect Fit Personal Training

"I attended the level 1 course in 2015 in Toronto which was taught by Stefan and I was overwhelmed with the high quality information that was given. I was hoping to continue with level 2 but that never came this direction again so I was happy to see there was an online course available. I can't wait to continue where I left off in 2015. Top notch!!"

Antonio Gummels


"My partner Melody and I have struggled for years with understanding the nutritional requirements for not only ourselves but for our clients as well. With the help and guidance of Stefan & Clair, as well as completing the iNutiriton Pro course, we now have the tools and understanding needed to help our clients and ourselves." We cannot thank you guys enough."

Josh Oliver

Method Plus Action

"I have been taught by Stefan during several courses. Stefan is a true professional and it shows with the detail in his work. I was blown away with the level of knowledge that he has and also with his ability to relay this knowledge to the level of the person he is educating."

Luke Ruthernberg

Next Level Training & Nutrition

Bonus Material

1 Month Access to iNutrition Pro Software

The iNutrition Pro software is a cutting edge online platform that allows health and fitness professionals to create diet plans in minutes as well as to effectively screen and monitor their clients.

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When you purchase the iNutrition Pro online nutrition certification you will get access to our private Facebook members forum where you can ask us any questions relating to the course material.

Monthly Webinars and Lifetime Updates to Course Material

As part of the iNutrition Pro online certification you will receive lifetime updates to the course material that you can access immediately online. You will also get access to regular monthly webinar recordings that you can watch anytime online.

100% Guarantee

If the iNutritionPro Online Nutrition Certification doesn't show you exactly how to get better results with clients, if it doesn't teach you step-by-step how to write effective diet plans, or if it fails to help you charge more for your services, then you can get a full refund. No Questions Asked!

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Frequently Asked Questions.

How long does it takes to complete the certification?

The iNutrition Pro online nutrition certification takes approximately 8 hours to complete. Each module takes approximately an hour and consists an online video tutorial, supplementary lecture notes, and a series short questions and answers.

Do I have to wait for anything to be sent in the mail?

No nothing gets sent in the mail. You will get instant online access to all the course material and future updates when you purchase the course.

Do I have to sit an exam as part of the certification?

Yes. The final exam consists of 50 multiple choice and TRUE or FALSE questions. The pass grade is 80% and you get 2 attempts.

Will I receive a certificate when I pass the exam?

Yes. You will be able to instantly download a PDF of your certificate of completion as soon as you pass the final exam.

What happens if I do not pass the final exam after 2 attempts?

If you do not pass the final exam after 2 attempts you will need to contact our support team from the help desk to a arrange a resit, and a $50 resit fee will apply.

If I have any questions about the course content is there someone I can speak with?

Yes. You can contact our support team form the help desk or ask us any questions relating to the course content in our private Facebook members forum.

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