Dietary Insurance Coverage

The Future of Nutritional Advice For Personal Trainers

Given the consumer-driven nature of certain industries, we believe that being proactive with ongoing education and certification as well as offering affordable and comprehensive additional cover, will help exercise and sport professionals protect their businesses.

Sports Nutrition is an area that has only typically been managed by medical nutrition and dietetics specialists, but is now commonly applied by personal trainers regardless of whether they are certified to advice their clients on specific nutrition or dietary protocols.

Most individuals who utilize personal trainers are actually receiving complex targeted nutrition plans by personal trainers who only go on to achieve a basic Certification in Fitness, and are only qualified to provide general dietary advice in accordance with the national guidelines.

This emphasizes the paradox of:

  • The clients desire for tailored nutritional support
  • A client expecting and demanding a general fitness trainer to provide tailored nutritional advice
  • A general fitness trainer's lack of education in this area
  • The need for a system to define the parameters of nutrition advice and support that can be guided by a fitness trainer verses a specialist dietitian/nutritionist

To address this paradox and any resulting potential claims against the personal trainer, iNutrition Pro offers:

  1. Training and education
  2. Practical tools for client tracking & assessment
  3. A nutritional dietary planner that delivers targeted and specific diet plans
  4. Ongoing support and guidance for members and their clients
  5. Dietary insurance cover for healthy populations

Dietary Insurance Policy

Through our partnership with risk management specialists NSURE Insurance Advisors and Australian Insurance Provider ProRisk, we are able to offer qualifying personal trainers and exercise specialists, professional indemnity insurance for the prescription of individualized dietary plans for healthy populations.

Prerequisites for dietary insurance cover include:

  • Certificate IV in Fitness or the equivalent
  • Satisfactory completion of the Nutrition Program Design Nutrition Mastery Class & Certification with a minimum pass grade of 80%
  • Pre-screening and risk stratification of clients through the iNutrition Pro software - high risk clients will be excluded from cover
  • Prescription of safe dietary plans governed by the parameters of the iNutrition Pro software
  • Regular client monitoring through the iNutrition Pro software client tracker
  • Currently our insurance coverage is available in Australia and New Zealand only *

How to Apply for Insurance Coverage

To apply for insurance coverage you will need to complete the Nutrition Program Design Mastery Class & Certification and you must be an active member of iNutrition Pro.

Once you have passed the final exam you will be able to submit your insurance application directly through our insurance provider for their review and approval of coverage. They offer several policies including diet alone or diet and training combined, at very affordable prices.

* We are currently working on extending our dietary insurance coverage globally. Non Australian or New Zealand residents can register their expression of interest here

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