Writing Highly Effective Diet Plans For Clients - Part 4 (Nutrient Timing)

10 Minute Watch

Welcome to Part 4 of this 7-part mini-series on how to write an effective diet plan for your clients!

In Part 3 we looked at how to individualize the macronutrient ratio based on a clients goal and body type.

In this lesson we are going to look at NUTRIENT TIMING and how it affects body composition and performance.

Like the macronutrient ratio, nutrient timing is highly individual and its based on many factors such as:

  • Goal: Fat Loss or Mass Gain
  • Body type
  • Insulin sensitivity
  • Training volume for workouts
  • Training time for workouts
  • Neurotransmitter make-up

I hope you enjoy Part 4 and stay tuned for Part 5 as we take a look at macronutrient requirements.