Writing Highly Effective Diet Plans For Your Clients - Part 1 (Client Compliance)

6 Minute Watch

Welcome to part 1 of this 7-part mini-series on how to write an effective diet plan for your clients (or yourself)!

Over the course of this mini-series I'm going to walk you through the basic steps you need to follow when creating a diet plan.

By the end of the 7-part series, you will have a better overall understanding of how to put to together a diet plan that is safe, effective, and geared towards setting up your clients for long-term success.

In part 1, we're going to start by covering the most important factor for dietary success which is CLIENT COMPLIANCE!

That's because if your clients don't follow the plan it doesn't matter how good it is, they're simply NOT going to get any results.

I hope you enjoy this part 1 of the 7-part series, and continue to unfold the rest of the series as we continue to look at how to structure a diet plan for your clients.